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 How long will the process take, and how long to cure? Most cases we will be at your house 1 day. However every driveway has different needs. This question is better answered with a free face to face estimate. A newly paved driveway will take a least 1-year to cure. Hot temperatures may still soften the pavement. How long do I have to stay off my driveway? NEVER TURN YOUR WHEELS WHILE AT A STAND STILL YOU WILL SCUFF THE PAVEMENT!! Outside temperature and sunlight play a big roll in this question. IF IT IS HOT GIVE IT MORE TIME. Binder- Vehicles should stay off the driveway for a minimum of 3 days. Surface- Vehicles should stay off the driveway for a minimum of 5 days. What do you mean binder or surface? A Priority driveway is paved in two separate steps. The first step is the binder coarse or base coat. The base pavement has a larger rock normally 3/4-inch and smaller. The larger rock size will have a coarse look you will see more rock. Priority Paving's base coat is 2-inches after being rolled and tamped. The second step is the surface coarse or top coat. The surface has a much smaller rock 3/8-inch and smaller . This will give your driveway its water tight smooth finish. Priority Paving's surface coarse is 1-inch after being rolled and tamped. Why wait a year between binder and surface coarse? It is best to wait 1-year between the two coats to let old man winter take its course on your new driveway. We do live in Maine our climate is rough from 90 to -20 degrees. If your driveway heaves or settles it will be fixed on the surface the following year. Do I need to fill my oil tank before you pave my driveway? Yes you do. It is best to keep heavy trucks and equipment off your new driveway to avoid damaging it. It is also a good Idea to not have heavy trucks on your driveway while the ground is thawing (spring), or during wet season. This is when most damage happens to pavement especially the edges. Can I turn my lawn into driveway or parking? Yes you can. This preparation process is very important. The sub base is the most important part of a quality paving job. Make sure you understand exactly what your getting. (I have dug out broken up pavement on top of loam this is wrong someone got ripped off) Should I seal coat my driveway? We recommend seal coating 1-year after surface coat has been installed and every 2 to 3 years after that. It is very important that your seal coat is wearing off before re-applying it will build up and crack, This looks bad. What do I do to the edges? Priority Paving offers loam edging. It is best to loam the edges of your driveway flush with the pavement surface to support that edge. This will prevent edge cracking and erosion. What if I cant afford the the top coat for 4-5 more years? That is fine the binder coat will hold up. Save your money you will want to surface before the base brakes down and has to be dug out this can cost you 2-3 times more in the long run. Is there a 1 shot residential driveway? No Priority Paving does not offer a 1-shot driveway. We do offer a 1/2-inch binder coarse for the first coat. This gives your driveway a smoother finish look that still has great strength. You will still need to surface this base coat within 3-5 years. Why is my motor cycle kickstand is sinking in the pavement? DO NOT PUT SHARP OR POINTED ITEMS, MOTOR CYCLE OR BIKE KICKSTANDS, LAWN CHAIRS, GRILLS, TRAILER HITCHES, JACKS, LADDERS OR ANYTHING THAT MAY PUNCTURE OR SCUFF YOUR PAVEMENT. IN HOT TEMPERATURES YOUR PAVEMENT MAY SOFTEN NO MATTER HOW OLD IT IS. IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS GIVE US A CALL 207-409-4497

Questions and Answers

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